Dobcross is the one village that seeks to stay faithful to all the traditional Whit Friday activities, of which the band contest is just a part. So the Dobcross Whit Friday United Effort programme (on sale at Dobcross Band Club and in the village) covers all these activities- such as the Whit Walks, a children’s lunch and sports.

The contest takes place in the heart of the Dobcross conservation area, Church Fields, Dobcross.  There is disabled parking at the new vicarage on Woods Lane. The vicarage is about half-way up Woods Lane on the right. There is still a good 50 to 100 yards up-hill walk to Church Fields, but it is the nearest flat parking that is available.

Each band plays in on Platt Lane before marching down to the contest arena on Church Fields.

The prize presentation evening will be held at Dobcross Band Club approximately 4 weeks after Whit Friday.

Start Time: 16.00

Finish Time: 22.00

Contact: Gavin Roberts 07877015169

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Location Postcode: Platt Lane, Dobcross, OL3 5AD