Tell Us You Are Coming and BOPA

Our trial of collecting Contact Details across all 11 Saddleworth Whit Friday Brass Band Contests was successful and helped to make our contests run more smoothly.  We will use the information that you submit in various ways across the contests, and hope that it will make our systems more efficient.   Please complete the form below if you are planning to come along.

BOPA regulations now make it even more important that you complete this form, please – we are required to return to the Oldham Council Safeguarding Officer the NUMBER OF UNDER 16 PLAYERS AND THE NUMBER OF ADULTS ACCOMPANYING THEM.

You don’t have to tell us where you are going,  but the information that you provide will be used by our contests to help our administration.

The data will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.  Please provide a telephone number that will be used on the day, so that we can contact you easily, and an email address and postal address for contact after the event with results and adjudicator’s comments.