Uppermill Whit Friday Contest is the oldest of the contests, having results from 1884.

The bands who played for the Sunday School processions – the Scholars Walks – in the morning and for the sports in the afternoon then had a contest between themselves.

Bands used to notify the Contest that they would be playing and sent their postal order for the required entry fee.

Over the years, with more villages having bands and contests, Whit Friday has grown into the unique occasion that it is.

The Uppermill Contest starts with each competing band playing a M

arch along the High Street from the Museum to the Arena at the King George Vth Playing Fields, some 100 yards away.

There are refreshments and toilets on the Museum Car Park

The Contest is open to all Sections and Youth Bands and there are prizes in all categories.  Prize money in 2018 was £2610.

Our Adjudicator for the last few years has been David Marshall who took over from Goff Richards.

The High Street in Uppermill is closed to general traffic from 3.30pm until the finish.  Public transport buses are allowed, band coaches and emergency vehicles.  No Taxis.

Start Time: 16.00

Last Registration: 22.30

Registration at the Museum Foyer  OL3 6HY

Band Coaches are parked on High St/ Oldham Road, which is just before the Museum Car Park.

Bands are booked in in order of arrival, so that their coach is in place to follow them as they march, and pick them up further up the High Street when they have played.

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