Following the decision below, Greenfield Band Contest Committee has decided to run an exciting new event in September this year for up to 20 LOCAL bands. Please see below for more information about this lovely plan.

Greenfield Autumn Leaves Brass Band Contest

We have had to cancel our Whit Friday Brass Band Contest on 2 consecutive years because of covid.

Greenfield Whit Friday Brass Band Contest Committee would like to encourage and help our local brass bands restart after this lockdown by holding an Autumn Leaves Brass Band Contest 0n Ladhill Playing Fields on Sunday 5th September between Noon and 8 pm.

We have researched our local bands to test the appetite for an early autumn contest and checked with Bob and Mary Rodgers who are co-ordinators of the Saddleworth and Oldham District Whit Friday Band Contests, to ensure we are not standing on anyone’s toes or  stalling a  Saddleworth wide contest by going ahead with our individual plans.   Our enquiries have met with enthusiasm from all approached.  By restricting it to bands from the Borough of Oldham and encouraging school, training and social bands to participate as well as the established Youth, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Championship section bands we will provide an experience to encourage younger players and learners to continue their commitment to the art and provide a community party to celebrate the downfall of Covid.  

This Brass Band Contest could be described as a “Concert with prizes “.   

We plan an inclusive contest for up to 20 brass bands only from the Borough of Oldham.

Each band will have a pre-drawn playing time 15 or a 20 minute time slot and they will perform on the elevated bandstand.  Each band will play a hymn and a march but this will be amended to satisfy the abilities of the different levels.

The Adjudicator will sit in the open allowing the juniors to see the judge is human and allowing him to also enjoy the day.  Our adjudicator, Mr Chris Wormald, comes from Bolton and holds no local allegiance.  This will also allow us to announce the name of the band playing and their competition piece.

We are trying to promote a relaxed, Sunday afternoon family party atmosphere compared to the high octane highly competitive Whit Friday Contest.

Bands to register your early intent please  email   rothwellfrank50@gmail.com    or as a last resort phone Frank on 07802 938 270.

It is with great regret that the Saddleworth and Oldham Group of Whit Friday Band Contests, with the backing of Oldham Council Officers, have taken the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 event on 28 th May.

Having taken into account the current and projected situation regarding Covid19, they are of the opinion that it would be irresponsible to stage this year’s contests.
Vaccine protection will not be complete and an organised gathering of people, whilst invarious stage of protection, would be considered foolhardy and dangerous. We must support all the Emergency services who have enough problems without our event adding to the extra burden.
We have also taken into consideration the fact that bands will have had little or no chance to rehearse and to travel in a ‘Covid safe’ manner would be impossible.
It was never anticipated this pandemic would last so long, but hopefully we can get back to something like normality in time for 10th June 2022.
Bob Rodgers
Group Co-ordinator


We have been working with Brass Bands England and the Oldham Council Safeguarding team to find a solution to manage these regulations within the Whit Friday Contest setting. We are required to return two pieces of information to Oldham Council at the end of the Contests – the number of under 16 players with each band, and the number of adults who are accompanying them. This information is included in our TELL US YOU ARE COMING FORM , and will help us to manage this data, without having to collect anything on the night.

 Please TELL US YOU ARE COMING!  We would like you to give us basic details about your band, so that each contest can use the information.  You don’t have to say where you are going, just that you are heading for the hills!

Talking of hills – have a look here at our map of the area.

Saddleworth Whit Friday Brass Band Contests are supported by 


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