Saddleworth Whit Friday Brass Band Contests have to be seen to be believed!  Whether you are an old hand or a newcomer, welcome to our new site, which should have everything you need to help you plan your visit on June 14th 2019.

There is a long tradition of Whit Friday Brass Band Contests in Saddleworth,  and last year we had 119 bands of every calibre moving between the 11 Saddleworth Contests, and competing for individual Contest Prizes, and the overall Area Prizes.  This can lead to great excitement and not just a little competitiveness!

We have something new this year, which we hope will help us to make your visit to Saddleworth Whit Friday even better.  Please TELL US YOU ARE COMING!  We would like you to give us basic details about your band, so that each contest can use the information.  You don’t have to say where you are going, just that you are heading for the hills!

Talking of hills – have a look here at our map of the area.

Saddleworth Whit Friday Brass Band Contests are supported by 


The preparations continue - we are sorting out technology, and putting together Contest Magazines, choosing caterers, and crossing fingers that the weather will be kind to us this year!
Have you started planning for Whit Friday yet? Have a look at https://t.co/GlNlVFIles

If your band is planning to join us on 14 June, please help us out and pre register on our new website. Thanks

We now have our own twitter account and website:


Please have a look

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