Area Prizes

We are indebted to our donors for providing the Area Prizes. These are awarded to bands that have played at at least 6 of the 11 contests.

Their position (not score) is used for the calculation. So the lowest 6 scores – i.e. from 1, 4, 1,3,2,1,5,7 only 1,1,3,2,4,5 would count- are taken and averaged. This provides the overall winners of the area prizes.

The Overall Championship is open to all bands. To qualify for the Local Championship, bands must have their headquarters no more than 8 miles from the centre of Uppermill (as the crow flies) and not have won one of the main prizes.

The Youth Band Prize will be calculated differently from 2019 onwards. There will still be the opportunity to see how your Youth Band has performed compared with all of the other bands. Rules regarding the number of players in Youth Bands vary from contest to contest, so please acquaint yourself with each one.

We will calculate the Youth Band Prize by comparing Youth Bands only with their peers, and then calculating as described above. We won’t bore you with the maths, but we are confident that it is a fairer way!

Underneath the stars playing at Dobcross and hoping for a prize.

Area Results 10th June 2022


Apologies for the error – it has been long day! Thanks to Mr C for being alert. The calculation for the third and fourth places is exactly the same and the differentiation is made by looking at the 7th score, hence the changed results. I have annotated them to illustrate this.

Updated list Monday 17th June 2019


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