Uppermill is geared up ready to give a warm welcome to bands and spectators on 10th June – it will be great to have you back!

 Uppermill Whit Friday Contest is the oldest of the contests. It started in 1884 when the bands who played for the Sunday School processions – the Scholars Walks – in the morning and for the sports in the afternoon decided to have a contest between themselves. Over the years, with more villages having bands and contests, Whit Friday has grown into the unique family occasion that it is.

Adult bands can have up to 25 members plus conductor, Youth Bands can have up to 50 members plus conductor, which may include 4 players over 18 years of age. This year we have increased the prize money and categories of prizes for the Sections and Youth Bands.


Band Registration is at the Saddleworth Museum Foyer OL3 6HY. It will be helpful for bands to have completed the online form beforehand.  It is vital that bands wishing to compete only approach Uppermill from the station side.  The order of play will be dictated by the order of arrival of the coaches.


Sunny Day in Uppermill

The Contest starts with the competing band playing a march along the High Street from the Museum to the former Nat West Bank. There is no limit to the number of band members at this stage and the judging for the deportment prizes takes place during the march up. The band will be led to the Contest Arena at the King George Vth Playing Fields, some 100 yards away. No percussion instruments are allowed to be played during the Quickstep piece.  Coaches will move along High Street behind their bands ready for them to board after playing. 

Band Marching through Uppermill

The High Street in Uppermill is closed to general traffic from 3.30pm until the finish.  Only public transport buses, band coaches, emergency vehicles and those holding Residents Permits are allowed.  No Taxis. 

Information about Residents Permits can be obtained from uppermill@saddleworthwhitfriday.co.uk


There are refreshments and toilets on the Saddleworth Museum Car Park.


David Marshall

Registration opens at 3:30 pm

Start Time: 4:00 pm

Last Registration: 10:30 pm

Registration at the Museum Foyer  


We are delighted that David Marshall from Dorset will again be our Adjudicator.

Tell Us You Are Coming to Saddleworth Whit Friday


CONTACT US – 07851 370442

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