Dobcross Whit Friday Supporters Page

The unique and traditional events that take place on Whit Friday in the iconic village of Dobcross cost over £7,000 each year to put on. Without voluntary help and contributions the day’s events simply would not happen.

We appreciate any help you can give to be able to host the day’s events, from the church service and Whit walks in the morning, the childrens’ lunches and sports day events and, of course, the world famous brass band contest that takes place in the evening.

Gofundme Page

If you would like to contribute online you can now donate through our Gofundme page

Souvenir Programme £3

You can pick up a copy of the programme from Dobcross Band Club or Dobcross Village Stores. We can also post out copies if you email



Why not join in the fun! As well as volunteering on the day itself, the Whit Friday United Effort committee organise fundraising events throughout the year. Interested? Email: and we will be in touch!

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